I’m being pulled into many different directions at work lately. One part of me is exhausted from the sheer amount of input. The other part is the kid that got to go crazy running around a friend’s birthday party where they thought it would be a good idea to give the kids cake and caffeinated soda. I’m tired, but it was fun.

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On July 7th, Dr. Sam Dragga of Texas Tech shared a “striking example of technical writing” with the Association of the Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) listserv in an effort to raise awareness for changing conditions for international students. The document outlined conditions that would force international students to find face-to-face instruction or be deported within mere weeks of a new academic year.

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This is my 50th published blog post. Not quite a major achievement, but considering the average length of these posts, I can safely say that 50,000+ words is quite a lot of writing.

This post marks a milestone in my development. Since starting this blog my career has improved, my relationships have improved, and my life has considerably improved. I also stumbled across self-talk and have mixed it with my lowbrow understanding of rhetoric. Honestly, I’ve had experiences that I never imagined would happen.

In a simple nutshell, this post is about all those small milestones that we fail to acknowledge. This is about those milestones that need to be acknowledged. A milestone is a rhetorical situation that often times gets skimmed over. In this last week, I’ve received quite a bit of news regarding other’s milestones. I’d like to think this post is for each of them and the opportunity at their feet.

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For three weeks I’ve missed publishing a post. I’ve written them, but I have not published a single one. It might be because they all involve some level of emotional processing based on recent events with protesting, race, or disease. It could also be due to the lack of progress I see with the blog itself. In any case, I’ve got 16 drafts worth of posts that are all nearly ready to go. For me, I’ve been stalling myself.

What I’ve been doing is not anything different that I see every day. I see people wait for the storm to pass aka stalling. Usually people stall to get through a difficult argument or to avoid confrontation. If you’re going to keep the other person waiting for your opinion, consider keeping to a specific type of stalling.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about problem solving strategies and how others go about them. LexBlog has implemented their #Blog4Good campaign, an attempt to collect and disseminate much needed legal information during this critical time. There have been a slew of technical and conceptual issues surrounding implementation. I’ve been given a very specific, very focused, part to play in the campaign. Not only am I considered responsible, I also “own” this part. This means I get to make some of the decisions. Continue Reading The Significance of Significance