For several months now I’ve been striving to push blog after blog to launch.

I’ve been jumping on phone calls, coordinating with multiple teams, and setting up as much as I can before launch day (subscribe forms, adding users, training, building out email campaigns, etc). Heck, I even had a span of a few months where I was also launching blogs myself! I’ve had to learn difficult tasks/concepts on the fly.

It’s been exhausting, but also dense with experience.

I kept all of these projects listed out on large whiteboard. Each one had a 3×5 card with info on the project type, client, and launch day. My goal was to have a comprehensive list of everything I had ever worked on. Continue Reading Clearing the Whiteboard

For several months I’ve been working on honing my habits with Stephen Covey’s book. The last several weeks have been about formulating my Personal Mission Statement. I’ve had my share of existential crisis, but I’ve never had an existential challenge.

I’m asked the very difficult question, “What are your values?”. The more difficult metaphorical version of that question, “If an I beam stretched all the way across the Grand Canyon, what would you cross it for?”.

I’m asked, “If you were to die, how would you want to be remembered?”.

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I’m not going to name the client as I don’t know how they would feel with me posting about their business (especially considering this was about adding security).

At work, we just finished a major project that took several months. Normally, when I work with a client, we focus on 1 blog with a small number of attorneys that can get knocked out in a few weeks. Usually, it’s just me, our designer, and maybe someone from Support to launch the blog that gets involved.

This projects involved 800+ attorneys, everyone on LexBlog’s support, our CTO, myself (of course), and coordination with the client’s IT team. Phone calls, a special slack channel, dozens of emails, and a Support ticketing system all contributed towards the communication channels. All of this to move 20 blogs + 1 Portal from one of LexBlog’s installs to a Premier install dedicated to just this one law firm.

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The last several weeks have really left me at a loss. I’ve had multiple (3+) clients call me either in a panic or stressed to the max. One said, “I know I can get an honest opinion from you. Tell me if this is true…”. Another started the conversation with, “I just need someone to be honest with me. Can you do that?”.

They feel by asking for an honest opinion that they will somehow avoid the use of rhetoric altogether. They would be wrong.

Of course, I don’t have a hidden agenda for these clients usually. I want to help them. They’ve already signed the contract and I’ve already agreed to try my best. However, that doesn’t mean that I (or anyone else claiming to be ‘Honest’) doesn’t choose their words carefully.

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The Fiancé and myself have been independently struggling with identity for a few months now. For myself, I’ve been leaving a work title paradigm for a value based one after my continued reading of Covey’s book. For her, it’s a similar experience with her name connected with her title and our marriage.

In short, she’s a doctor. My last name is ‘Grim’. Imagine trying to build a family medicine practice as “Dr. Grim”. Just saying, it’s both funny and awesome. However, there are real complications and lessons to be learn about ‘What’s in a name’.

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This is my 79th post in a blog that has lasted for 2 years. By far, this blog has served me very well in that time and continues to help guide my efforts in all areas of my life. However, for all this effort to learn the technical and creative skills that go into blogging, I’ve not found this blog to be beneficial the way I had intended 2 years ago.

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I’m coming up to the end of my first 30 day challenge from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I can’t say it has been easy. For the last month I’ve tried to catch myself from simply reacting. Meaning, I’ve caught myself from taking actions against my core values. I’ve thought about how my responses align, or should align, with my values instead of appeasing others or sacrificing my self-worth.

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I’m a survivor.

Within my lifetime I’ve experienced friends dying to freak accidents and suicide. I’ve overcome a severe diagnosis (given only a handful of years to live). Pain, hurt, with both mental and spiritual anguish have been present for as long as I can remember. While I know things could have been worse, I definitely know they could have been better. I have fought to keep my well being in tact and I’m proud of the person I have become as a result.

I am a survivor.

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(If you’ve not done so, search ‘Pac-Man’ in google desktop and play a free version of Pac-man in the search results)

When I was a kid, my family occasionally visited a pizzeria that housed the Pac-Man, Tempest, and Asteroids arcade games.

Of the three, I’ve always sucked at Pac-Man.

When playing, I didn’t understand the point. Sure, I got the mechanics easy enough, but I didn’t get the goal. The player completes a level and moves on in an endless series of mazes trying to avoid ghosts all the while trying to eat as many cookies as possible. Seems pointless to me.

However, all of this didn’t stop me from occasionally using one of my few quarters for the night on this seemingly pointless game.

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