Who am I?

My name is Chris. I have a master’s in Rhetoric and Technical Communication from Eastern Washington University.

Why Every Day Rhetoric?

Enjoying my time at Eastern Washington University, I wanted to continue studying rhetoric, but I quickly found that most people have little interest in Rhetoric Theory. I find myself thinking constantly on ways that I could use my education to help others. I found that many rhetoric theories come to life in real world scenarios and thought to couple common situations with my intimate knowledge. With this blog, my intention is to join the academic conversation while bringing forth practical approaches to everyday situations.

What makes you different?

I’m not, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t strive to be different. While I’ve met and talked with hundreds of practicing rhetors, many people just skip over the small details of life. I’ve made it my goal to explore common rhetoric to inform others that may live their entire lives without considering the complexity of their communication. If you’re curious to know more about me, visit me on twitter (@everydayrhet), LinkedIn, or email me at christopher.j.grim@gmail.com.