I’m a very big believer in self-reflection. Much of this blog has performed that role and has really allowed me to explore past life events in an “everyday” scope. Right now is the best time to get a flurry of wisdom from one of the most common forms of communication, blogs! It seems that every blogger I follow is publishing a reflection piece due in large to the end of a decade. I wanted to give a brief shoutout to those blogs I’ve found extra special and, for myself, give a super brief reflection of my past decade as well.

Just Good Blogging

This morning, I got my fresh Monday morning cup of inspiration from Ben Collins with his knowledge on Google Sheets. Here is his blog. If you’re into Google Sheets as much as I am, he is one to follow. He is also a great example of good business by giving free weekly how-to’s.

By noon, my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about the last decade. At lunch I had the pleasure of reading Dr. Cox’s blog. She writes an impressive 2 posts a week. Here is her blog. Honestly, I look up to bloggers that can casually express the major happenings of their life and still make them accessible to a wide audience. Oddly, there are not as many rhetoric or tech comm bloggers out there that have regular postings. Nice to see someone keep the flame going.

Just before getting off work and into my Blogging Power Hour, I was fortunate enough to read Dr. Angeli’s post from her blog. If you’re not sure what questions to ask yourself in a meaningful self-reflection, I suggest you read her post. Here is her blog. There are some seriously good questions to ask yourself in that post. I’ll try to answer some of them myself here.

And the Reflection

These questions come directly from Dr. Angeli’s post.

Where did you start this decade?

I started this decade in Spokane, WA living at one of my parent’s houses.

How did you start this decade?

I believed I wasn’t going to live long enough to see the end of the decade. Nice to see that those docs were wrong. I also started my BA in English at EWU. If I was going to die, I was going to die spending my time studying something interesting.

Where do you end it?

I’m in Yakima, WA at my own home.

How do you end it?

I work at LexBlog as a business analyst where I do a little bit of everything. As a sweeping generalist, it suits me fine for now. However, I just learned a few months ago that I’m going to live a long and healthy-ish life. So, I’m exploring career options, specialties, and potential academic pursuits. It’s nice to have ownership over my life again.

Where do you start this decade?

I starting from the crow-nest of my life. I’m looking for a port to call home and looking in every direction for a career path.

How do you start this decade?

I’m starting with the belief that I am more capable than most and that is a privilege. I’m going to be looking harder than ever.

Where do you want to end this decade?

I’m not sure.

How do you want to end this decade?

More content than I am right now. Everything else is going smoothly (a bit terrifying, I know).

I’d like to find a Phd program to call my own. I’ve been looking at specialties, but struggle to really find myself excited. There is always the possibility that a Phd is just not for me, but I have to explore more first before coming to that conclusion. The numerous suggestions of options really have my head spinning.


I really want to say thank you to all the blogs that shape my own. I see what you’re each doing and find it fantastic! If you find a source of wisdom, really capture it. Sometimes that’s in the form of a really solid blog. I really hope that someone can say the same for this blog some day.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Like always, I hope you found something to add to your everyday rhetoric repertoire.