I recognized a good idea and wanted to copy in-kind my response. Thanks Garry for the idea. His post-response found HERE.  Our boss, Kevin asked LexBloggers their thoughts on “proper strategies and tactics for realizing success in legal blogging”.

Nearly a year ago I had a phone interview that challenged the way I see my role in the world at large. More importantly, it challenged the way I interacted with that world. Garry and I talked about modern networking.

Back in the day, in order to find a job, you had to “hit the pavement” i.e. walk into companies to ask if they were hiring. I’ve been hired for several jobs this way, but times have changed. In order to find a job you need to network.

Personal goals aside, the first goal of networking has always been: get into the same room as the influencers. The second, get them to notice you.

Garry had posed an interesting idea. “The internet has become that room”, I remember him saying. I’ve been chewing on those words ever since.

I’m not a novice to blogging. I’ve had several failed attempts and did some contract ghostwriting (which I regret). However, I had to really reevaluate what I was going to say when I “walked into that room” and hoped that someone will listen to me.

I started my blog in hopes to join the Rhetoric community. I’ve had some great interactions with wonderful academics and have learned a great deal about my own agency, my own voice.

Your blog is your voice. The people that read your blog will judge you for it. They should judge you for it. The cover is off the book.

For lawyers, I can tell a good caring attorney from a lazy one. Why should I hire a lawyer who hires someone else to ghost write garbage and feels comfortable to put their name on it? It shows bad judgment and lack of effort. 

Have you ever been to a party and someone you don’t know starts talking at you about some meaningless drivel? I have. It’s awkward and weird. You begin to find excuses to walk away or you just start ignoring them. Your blog is a conversation starter.

Don’t be that guy who walks up to people asking “Did you know that some dogs are naturally aggressive and will bite children. Here’s my card. If your child gets bitten, give me a call and we’ll get you restitution”. My response, “I think I need to use the restroom” and walk over to the snack table.

When you walk into the room and whatever you choose to say, just don’t be that guy.